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      2. Warm congratulations line in Yangcheng Ruiao Medical Device Co., Ltd. website!
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        Review of medical beds technical orthopedic devices technology Tianjin Standard
        2013/4/28 Reading times:[702]
        Times Online news (Reporter Hao): July 10, convened by the Food and Drug Administration of Tianjin Medical Device Evaluation Guide Editorial Board was established and the first working meeting, start a technical audit of the city, "medical equipment Rating Guide to write. The work carried out, will further improve the city medical device product registration system, but also marks the city medical device registration review, approval review process standardization and institutionalization turn to a new level.
        The medical device industry is involved in a number of categories, is a cross-integration of a variety of technical edge industries, knowledge, capital-intensive, highly competitive high-tech industry, and therefore reflects one of the hallmarks of a national manufacturing and state-of-the-art technical level. Especially since the 20th century, a large number of new technologies, new materials are widely used in the medical device industry, making it the fastest growing worldwide, one of the most active industry in trade. Currently, the city's total medical equipment manufacturing enterprises more than 300, involving nearly a thousand kinds of products, but the majority of enterprises of small-scale industries, the uneven quality of employees, often because the the registered application materials quality is not high, the approval delay time, and then caused by device manufacturers miss the best time of the products listed, affecting the overall development of the enterprises and the city's medical device industry.
        The same time, medical equipment and medicines, is a special commodity for people to prevent and cure diseases. Establish and improve the scientific and effective medical device registration approval system, to strict medical products market access, to ensure that the masses of the people with firearms is safe and effective, the statutory duties of the regulatory authorities.
        To this end, the city Food and Drug Administration has established a the city medical device technical review of specialized agencies (the country only Beijing and Tianjin), the implementation of administrative examination and approval and the technical review of separation. Now carry out the preparation of the Medical Device Evaluation Guide, is to continue to improve and supplement the city's medical device product registration system of norms, unified evaluation criteria to enhance the technical supervision of the science, fairness, and promote the city's medical device industry healthy and rapid development.
        Municipal Food and Drug Administration plans to three years time the relative concentration of the city equipment industry and representative products in the preparation of guidelines for the review of: 2008 - "was fixing powder review guidelines, medical beds technical review Rating Guide, the coupling agent review guidelines, orthopedic devices review guidelines; 2009 - "Electric Operating Table review guidelines, bone power system technology review guidelines", "multi-parameter monitor equipment and technology review guidelines "," wheelchair technology review guidelines; 2010 - "the rubber condoms technical guidelines for the review, medical polymer tubing technology review guidelines," one-time use of sterile surgical kits technical review guidelines "," magnetic pulse infrared therapy instrument technical guidelines for the review. "
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