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        The grams of Petrochemical Technology innovation leading specialty products hop "Dragon"
        2013/4/28 Reading times:[718]
        Karamay Petrochemical Company has good news: The company developed the production of high-end cosmetic grade, food grade, pharmaceutical grade mineral white oil Registered review by the U.S. FDA to obtain a certificate of registration. This indicates that the product to get a "pass" to enter the international market.
        In addition, the product obtained by the end of September the food hygiene license issued by the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the first refining business in the Northwest Territories.
        This is the result of g petrochemical companies this year, following the the kN, KP series and environmentally friendly tire rubber oil by the EU REACH regulations pre-registration, another toward the international stage.
        FDA that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, is internationally recognized cosmetics, food, medicine, medical equipment audit authority, authorized by the U.S. Congress and the federal central government, is engaged in the highest law enforcement agencies of the Food and Drug Administration. Nearly a hundred in the United States and other countries, and only through the FDA approved medicines, equipment and technology in order to commercialize clinical applications. Since December 12, 2003, all exports to the United States Food and Feed, required by the FDA registration.
        G Petrochemical Company 50,000 tons / year white oil hydrotreating unit to high pressure hydrotreating unit of light, medium oil as raw material, the production of 10, 15, 26, 36 food grade white oil products in line with national standards for textile, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals polishing, anti-sticking, mold release, anti-foaming, seal, food machinery, surgical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, corrosion, lubrication and extend the wine, vinegar, fruit, vegetables, canned storage period.
        As of early December, the company sold 12,000 tons of all kinds of high-grade white oil. Especially from September to November a sluggish market circumstances, polystyrene white oil bucked the trend in short supply, sold a total of over 8700 tons of various food-grade high-grade white oil. FDA registration certificate to get the foundation laid grams Petrochemical white oil products in the future to enter the field of cosmetics, most of the domestic well-known cosmetics factory foreign investment and joint background, and recognized standards of these factories the quality of the mineral oil is FDA registered and certified. At the same time, the certificate of registration for the international export market has laid a foundation. 2006 grams Petrochemical Company 50,000 tons / year white oil hydrotreating plant put into operation, the company attaches great importance to the production and sales of high-grade white oil license. One hand, actively seek permission through domestic law; On the other hand, institutions abroad, foreign investors know that the the FDA registration procedures and applicable laws and submit relevant materials, through two years of hard work, finally achieved success.
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